When we offered Mark the opportunity to do the design work on the recent renovation of our downtown high-rise condo, we were asking a lot. Mark delivered. We were living 400 miles away so we needed a team we could trust to get the work done in our absence. Mark had the connections and the skills, in planning, design aesthetic, and execution to help us get our unit finished beautifully. 

We bought our dated condo expecting the renovation project to be fairly limited in scope and knew we couldn't manage the project remotely. We used Houzz to research designers. Of the designers we contacted, we found Mark to be the easiest to develop a rapport with; we felt he really listened as we discussed the project. Mark's flexibility was key as we realized we wanted to broaden the scope of the project. He supported our desire to expand the project and assured us that he had time work with us.

Mark's contacts and knowledge of available options proved to be invaluable. He introduced us to a professional contractor who we found to be as flexible and easy to work with as Mark is. Mark was able to present us with flooring, tiling, and fixture options that were of good quality while fitting our budget. We were interested in incorporating state-of-the-art technology into our living space, and Mark was knowledgeable about whom to contact to make that happen. Mark provided the information we needed to make informed decisions. He was always honest and set realistic expectations for us so there were no surprises. 

Since we were not living in the Denver area, our in-person project meetings were limited to short monthly trips. Mark respected how limited our time was by doing his homework ahead of time. Early in our relationship, Mark took the time to understand our aesthetic while also helping us shape our ideas of what we wanted to achieve and what would look the best in our space. As a result, our days in Denver were busy and productive. Using our current furniture and art as inspiration, Mark presented design boards showing a big picture concept, then worked with us to refine the choices. When we were in Denver, he always had appointments lined up to show us several well-researched options. We had hard choices to make as the options were amazing. 

We found Mark to be easy to work with. He is friendly and easy to talk to. His calm easy-going demeanor and his straightforward, honest communication style made us feel confident that we could trust him and that he had our best interests in mind. He always made us feel as though we were his priority and answered all our questions, be they via email, text or telephone, in a timely manner. Mark has been generous with his time. He and his assistant Sarah have been there for us throughout the planning process, during construction, during the final installation and they remain available should we need anything else. 

We always look forward to seeing Mark and feel as though we could not have completed our project without him. Mark's high standards have ensured that everything was installed correctly. We love our new home with its combination of dearly loved pieces we've had forever and brand-new choices based on Mark’s suggestions--they fit together seamlessly. It's a comfortable yet elegant space that we love hanging out and entertaining in.

Denver, Colorado December 2017

"We hired Mark to help us with our new condo in Denver. He listened very carefully to what we wanted, looked through our idea books, and came up with a plan that we would never have thought of. His work is beautiful and he adheres closely to the budget, as most of the reviewers point out, and we couldn't be happier. But what we most appreciated about working with Mark, was how pleasant, collaborative, and down-to-earth he is. All of the contractors that came to work on our place clearly had a lot of respect for Mark and always enjoyed working with him. A few even said he was the "best designer" they knew. We will definitely be working with Mark again, and can't wait to see the magic he comes up with!"

Denver, Colorado Client, August 2017


"I hired Mark to do the interior design for my new home in Naples Fl. We worked together long distance but Mark made coordinating every aspect of the project seamless. He helped me select all the materials and finishes prior to construction which set the overall tone for the house which I defined as "Cosmopolitan Coastal." Mark invited me to join him at the High Point N.C. furniture market where he made a flawless, well-organized, presentation of his ideas and then showed me his selections in person. I love the richness and texture he brought to my home and lighting is one of his specialties! Mark is professional, creative, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with. He's passionate about his work and it shows. The end result is absolutely beautiful and my friends are asking if he's interested in opening a design studio in Naples. I highly recommend Mark and no, we're not related! But now I consider him a friend."
Naples, Florida Client, February 2017


We have been very pleased with our retention of Mark and his associates. Over the preceding 18 months he has always met or exceeded our expectations. Attention to detail and staying in budget were always a priority. His design ideas are unique and take into account your personal tastes. Always responded promptly, followed through on all details, and was a great problem solver. Would highly recommend!" 

Denver, Colorado Client, December 2016


"When I relocated to Denver, Mark Design was referred to me by a friend. I had seen the work he did for them and really liked it. When we got together for our first meeting I was sold when he talked about his design process and purchasing procedures. He also seemed very up-front and transparent about his billing and design fees. Well I wasn’t disappointed and I am very, very happy with his creativity and his organized and communicative approach to my project. He followed through as he said he would and everything in my house looks great. I would highly recommend Mark and his team."
Denver, Colorado Client, November 2016


"I engaged Mark to assist in selecting finishes and furnishings for our new build home in rural Colorado. He helped with selections ranging from exterior paint colors to tile and countertops to living room rugs and furniture. Mark quickly grasped my desire for a "rustic contemporary" look, and effectively helped me define the look. Mark was never pushy, but always sensed when I was having difficulty with a decision and would offer a welcome and spot-on opinion. He was also sensitive to my budgetary constraints, consulting on budget before making recommendations. Mark is low-key, extremely professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend him."
Salida, Colorado Client, July 2016

"Mark was wonderful. He had ideas ( very good ones ) that we would have never thought of. Extremely happy with the results. Highly recommend Mark for ANY design work!"
Parker Residential Client, July 2016

"markdesign,llc was WONDERFUL in helping me with a home remodel. His scope of assistance included: furniture choices, fabrics, light fixtures, paint colors, kitchen tile, carpeting and hard wood flooring in a remodel we did the end of 2014. - He is delightful to work with, extremely respectful of our desires and ideas, has excellent taste and was very good at determining my likes & dislikes. - He was not ever pushy, was a good listener, and very patient when I had difficulty making decisions. - Always kept appointments and was extremely punctual and his fees were very fair. - If he was out of town, he gave me phone numbers of people to call for assistance. I would recommend Mark for any design project one has."
Lakewood Residential Client, December 2015

"Mark has been a pleasure to work with. He listens carefully to our ideas, and then takes them to an even higher level, suggesting interesting ideas we hadn't thought of. We wanted to put a bench with storage underneath and a separate wall unit and he came up with the perfect design for both and found a woodworker with a unique style to build them. When we wanted to make a last minute change due to a new piece of artwork we wanted to display, Mark was very flexible and worked with the woodworker and us to accommodate the change, and keep the project on track. He found some beautiful fabrics for the bench and the pillows that perfectly complemented the rest of our decor. He also helped us find a new living room couch and two chairs and was willing to spend the time necessary for us to find exactly what we wanted. He has a great sense of color and style and is able to look at an entire living space and make it cohesive, but interesting and unique - one of the things we value most about working with him. He is always respectful of our budget and is up front about letting us know approximately how much of his time will be needed for a project. Mark has great resources all around the area, and seems to have good relationships with folks in various shops, both in and out of the design center. We have been working with Mark off and on since June 2014."
Denver Residential Client, October 2015

"Mark was my first experience with a designer and I couldn't be happier with the results. I was moving into a new house with an open main floor. I was looking for something sophisticated yet fun. Mark's proposal was different than I was expecting, but I am glad that I trusted his vision. I am totally satisfied with the result and am looking forward to enjoying his work for years to come." 
Denver Residential Client, July 2015

We have been very pleased with our retention of Mark and his associates. Over the preceding 18 months he has always met or exceeded our expectations. Attention to detail and staying in budget were always a priority. His design ideas are unique and take into account your personal tastes. Always responded promptly, followed through on all details, and was a great problem solver. Would highly recommend!
Residential Client, March 2015

"Mark of Mark Design is a true professional. Mark had a vision for our kitchen and master bath in our condo and that vision became reality. Mark was always very punctual with our meetings and his color choices were always spot on. Mark always had a great attitude and was so great to work with. Mark never missed a beat."
Denver Residential Client, January 2015

"Mark was wonderful to work with. He was very easy-going and handled our requests and budget with great ideas and grace. At the same time, he kept the project moving when we would have otherwise stalled because of decision burn-out and general life distractions. And his attention to detail is superb. Specifically, two things stood out that really speak to his excellence. First, we had an unfortunate situation with window shades that kept breaking. He was tireless in getting the company to come out and ultimately replace the faulty product with one better suited to our application (they now work like a dream). He even got the regional rep out to fix the problem when it was clear we needed the big fish in to fix the situation. He was an excellent advocate on our behalf. The second situation was with a custom piece we ordered that was not meeting his exacting standards - he took the reins completely and we are very happy with the end result. He even noticed a 1/8" misalignment after the final install - something I had noticed but hadn't mentioned b/c I didn't want to be a nit-picker - and had the builder out immediately to look into it. All of this with a relaxed smile and air of calm - we can't recommend Mark enough."
Denver Residential Client, December 2014

"My wife and I hired Mark when we purchased our new home in Denver. We challenged Mark to develop a design that flowed cohesively throughout every room in our house. He met this challenge and gave us a unique and creative design that is the envy of everyone who walks into our home. His guidance in helping us select art and his ability to access local craftsman to create custom furniture provide us with a casual yet refined environment. Mark’s professionalism and his attention to every detail, no matter how large or small, kept the project on track and provided us with a home that fits our lifestyle perfectly. His integrity and high-level of fiscal responsibility put us at ease and we really enjoyed working with him. We will definitely be using Mark again in the future."
Denver Residential Client, August 2014

"My husband and I could not be happier with the experience of working with Mark Haynes. I described the look we hoped to achieve in the great room of our Denver high rise condo and Mark delivered it to perfection. We wanted French Country with a modern twist and, though Mark usually works in a contemporary style, he made the transition with ease. The result is a fresh and airy look with the warmth of French Country.

In addition to his great design sense, he is a pleasure to work with. He's calm, kind, and professional. He followed through on every promise and was very clear in guiding us through the process. There were no surprises. I recommend Mark without reservation!"
Denver Residential Client, August 2014

"Mark has provided my wife and I with an amazing living space that is the envy of everyone who walks in our home. Mark's professionalism, creativity, and ease of working with, has been a true blessing. Mark's high integrity and fiscal responsibility allowed us to turn over a credit card for him to make purchases on our behalf. Mark is an unbelievable value for the high level of service he provides. I will definitely be using markdesign in the future."
Denver Residential Client, June 2014

"Mark was terrific to work with. He took my list of wants and turned them into reality, while honoring my budget. He is friendly and professional. He provided us with suggestions for room colors, managed the paint contractors and helped bring our art and accessories to life! He is welcome in our home anytime, he is the consummate professional."
Denver Residential Client, February 2014

"I contacted Mark with a question about one of his project images on Houzz. Impressed with both the image of his work and his quick response, I hired him to help overhaul our outdoor space. The process was fun, fast, and extremely easy - and we worked together long-distance! Mark provided detailed renderings of how to organize the space and scouted several options for furniture, fabrics and everything else needed to create the layered look we were looking for. Our back yard went from a dusty mess to a warm, inviting area with a play area, dining area, and a conversation area. His enthusiasm, attention to detail and incredible taste made the project worth every penny! We look forward to working with him again in the future."
Santa Fe Client, January 2013

"Working with Mark was a very pleasant and rewarding experience. He was very respectful of my wishes and yet gently encouraged me to try something a little different and somewhat out of my comfort zone. The result is better than I could have imagined. Mark is extremely organized and timely in responding to questions or concerns that come up in the design process and execution. He was able to very successfully incorporate some existing items I own into his design but also was able to fully express his design concept. Rather than proposing that everything I own be discarded and we start from scratch he respectfully combined a few of my (better) things into his design in a way that breathed new life into the old stuff!"
Denver Residential Client, January 2013

"Mark has consulted with me on several home design/remodel projects over the last 10 years. My first consultation with Mark was a simple drapery project, and our most recent was a total kitchen remodel! He was able to take my idea for a "dream" kitchen, and turn it into a reality, pulling everything together for as seamless a job as possible. Mark accompanied me to showrooms and vendors to lend his expertise in selection of cabinetry, lighting, tile, granite, hardware and paint. Working with his design, everything came together beautifully."
Residential Client

"When I purchased my home,  I had no furniture, only artwork. Mark did an outstanding job at selecting beautiful furnishings for the entire home. Mark spent countless hours making sure the furnishings complemented both the home and the artwork. In addition, Mark was always price aware and he gave me a range of price points from which to select. The most refreshing benefit of working with Mark is his tenacious drive to make sure every detail (even the smallest) was done to my satisfaction. It was a pleasure to work with Mark and I will use him on my next project."
Residential Client