We work SMART.

We believe the residential design concept is 10% of the job and making sure everything gets completed is the other 90%.  We have 24 years of project management experience spanning several industries.  As a result, we understand the importance to paying attention to the details, not just in the design concepts we present to you for your home but also in the day-to-day processes and procedures that need to be followed on every project, large or small.  It is our passion for the details and completion of those details that makes the experience of working with us a positive one.

We enjoy the entire design process.  As a result, we can manage every detail of your project.  This enables us to ensure deadlines are met, orders are placed on time and the necessary follow-up occurs to expedite the production and shipment of your furnishings.  

As our client, you are involved every step of the way in the design process and we do not make any decisions or purchases without your approval. We present and follow an estimated project budget.  We regularly submit project status reports and provide you a detailed hourly tracking report every month with your billing. Our fees are competitive and the value added to your project exponential.

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